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Bored Piles

Bored pile foundations are suitable for soft, unstable environments and for multiple rock layers of varying consistency. The maximum drilling depth ensures stability in soft soils. The advantage of installation with little to no vibration makes bored piling one of the most used piling technologies worldwide.

At Innovative Piling we have the capability of drilling and installing bored piers from 400 mm to 1800 mm in diameter and to depths of 36 m in hard rock. We can complete projects requiring low headroom working environments by using our short mast drilling rigs.

CFA (Continuous Flight Auger) Piles

CFA piles are suitable for most soil conditions and construction projects and are ideal when piling is required in the proximity of existing buildings. Having low noise levels and being virtually vibration free, has the best use in crowded/residential areas.

CFA piles are installed by boring into the ground to the required depth. After reaching the target depth, the auger is slowly extracted whilst concrete is pumped down the hollow stem. Steel reinforcement cages are then installed into the fluid concrete in order for binding to the ground beams if required.

We have the capabilities of installing a wide range of CFA piles, from 300 mm to 900 mm in diameter and to a depth of 21 metres.

Shoring/Retaining Wall Construction


Secant piles are drilled shafts installed to overlap each other, forming a wall. Setting up the secant piles wall involves 2 stages: drilling every other shaft and pouring concrete (primary piles); returning after the concrete has set in the primary shafts to drill and pour the shafts for the secondary piles.

The result is a very stiff retaining wall ideal to minimise ground movement in weak and wet soils. This technology is also used when there are sensitive structures behind the wall.

If additional lateral support is required, the walls can be tied-back or braced.


Typically this technique is suitable to retain stiff and cohesive subsoils and where ground water levels are below the eventual depth of excavation.

Pile diameters range between 450mm and 900mm and are generally installed at pile centres of between 500 and 1000mm respectively thereby leaving gaps between the piles between 15 and 100mm.


One of the oldest forms of retaining systems used in deep excavations, the soldier pile walls are used in areas where the environment is of a cohesive nature (e.g. clay), with little to no groundwater present. The process consists in vertical piles either driven or lowered into a drilled excavation and grouted at regular intervals along the wall location. As excavation proceeds, wood lagging is placed between soldier piles.

Screw Piling

Screw piles and helical anchors have the advantage of fast and inexpensive mobilisation. It has immediate load carrying capability, noting that the capacity immediately after installation may actually be lower that the long-term aged capacity, which is conservative.

The installation of screw piles typically produces no soil cuttings, requiring minimal cleanup at each installation location. Since screw piles and helical anchors can be fabricated as modular systems, they are ideal for low headroom or limited access situations.

Anchoring & Shotcrete

Anchoring & shotcrete system helps stabilizing the foundation. Shotcrete is a fiber-reinforced concrete material that is sprayed onto foundation wall after the wall anchors are installed. The force of Shotcrete being sprayed on has the added bonus of compacting it, which makes it two-times stronger than regular concrete.

Sheet Piles

Sheet piling is a technique that retains soil, using steel sheet sections with interlocking edges. Sheet piles are installed in sequence to render depth along the planned excavation perimeter. The interlocked sheet piles form a wall for permanent or temporary lateral earth support with reduced groundwater inflow. Anchors can be included to provide additional lateral support if required.

Segmental Casing

Innovative Piling offers specialized drilling methods for a variety of segmental casing where large and deep piles are installed in poor soil conditions.

Site Supervision & Project Management

Building foundation projects requires professional supervision and management to ensure the work is executed to perfection and matches all agreed plans.

Our Innovative Piling experts act as experienced construction site supervisors in diverse building projects.

Combining a vast knowledge of building technologies and processes, practices and methods with years of industry experience, Innovative Piling offers skilful supervision and management for projects of various sizes. Additionally, being aware of prices and cost levels coupled with attending our clients’ needs is essential for efficient project management.